Geelong Driver Training

Geelong Driver Training

Geelong Driver Training Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do lessons in my own car?

No, as we are insured only for educators car, remembering we also have dual controls which will make it safer.

what size is your car?

I drive a 2015 Camry hybrid (medium size).

Is my log book finished off ok for test?

VicRoads is very strict with Log book, we will thoroughly look over it and let you know how and what to fix before test.

Can I drive a manual with an automatic license?

You will need to re-sit test in a manual car, otherwise wait till you are a full license holder.

How many lessons will I need to get my license?

I will asses you on completion of first lesson, then we can work on anything that is needed eg. Parallel parking, 3 point turn, etc.